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CHIREDZI, (Lowveld Post)
A titanic battle is expected at the magistrates court today as two local chiefs battle for Chiredzi land.

Protesters carrying a banner written in Xitsonga / Shangaan, presumably against invading chief Neromwe. Photo, Walter Mafeking, Lowveld Post (Pvt) Ltd.

Hlaisi Mundau, who is Chief Tshovani is challenging the installation of Chief Neromwe over a piece of land that falls under his jurisdiction.

A protester accusing Chiredzi District Administrator (DA) of creating chieftainship for alleged preferred individuals. Photo by Walter Mafeking, Lowveld Post (Pvt) Ltd.

Clemence Madzingo was installed Chief Neromwe in July this year at a colourful ceremony.

Chief Tshovani however unsuccessfully sought to stop the occasion after filing an interdict at the Harare High Court.

Protesters carrying banners written in Xitsonga (Shangaan) denouncing imposition of another traditional leader on Chief Tshovani’s land. Photo by Walter Mafeking, Lowveld Post (Ltd) Pvt.

Earlier, Chief Tshovani told Lowveld Post that he was not against the installation of Madzingo but what he deemed illegitimate was the manner in which he was granted power over his land.

“The government should find (chieftainship) for him elsewhere not in this area,” he said.

Neromwe’s chieftaincy grants him power over four wards leaving his counterpart with just three wards.

Chiredzi district has always been under two chiefs Sengwe and Tshovani from Rhodesian era up until 2017 when former president Robert Mugabe was removed through military action, which ushered president Emmerson Mnangagwa.