CHIREDZI, (Lowveld Post)
CHIREDZI Stars Football Club is set to offload ten players accused of indiscipline and unprofessional behaviour.

An executive with the club told Lowveld Post that between six and ten players who misbehaved before they played their last game against Buffalos FC will be sacked on the 14th of December 2019.

“Six players including the goal minder Mike Tsungula and George Bambo who did not show up five times in the training, will be dropped or made to pay fines. This is meant to ensure the club remains with only players who share the same vision with the executive,” said the executive member.

He also revealed that the players were ill suited for the demands of the Division One, hence the need for new faces in order to fulfill their dream of playing in the Premier League.

The official also revealed the club was set to hold their annual awards for players on the 14th of December where they will announce this new development (expulsion).

However, Chiredzi Stars FC Organiser Liberty Macharaga who is also a councillor for Ward Four, shot down the suggestion that some players will be axed.

He noted that players had remained professional from the start till the end of the season, although some missed training due to sickness.

“Why would we retrench? Our players played very well against the perennial teams but people do not know some players got sick just before the last game against Buffalos,” said Macharaga.

“The executive is pleased by the way we played and we still believe the vision will come true, it was a learning curve to the terrain of D1 (division one) and we earned a lesson. I am confident the next season the club will be untouchable,” said Macharaga.

He however conceded that new players could be bought to strengthen the team ahead of the 2020/21 season.

In a separate interview, the Chiredzi stars FC Secretary General (SG) Taurai Dzoro commented on the issue saying the club has no intention of offloading players.

“We have no intentions of offloading anyone, our technical team will give us a green light on what to do but few additions will be done,” he said.

Chiredzi Stars have managed to claim 36 points in their first campaign, taking position eight in the league which disappointed their fans who were optimistic that they would qualify in the top flight league.