WHEN a person dies, where exactly does his soul go to?

Certainly, we all know at some point we will die.

What troubles me the most however is that I have never heard any feedback from the dead.

Whether they are living pretty well wherever they are or it is just hellish is a mystery.

Nobody knows as to where do people go when they expire.

Only Jehovah God, the only Sovereign Lord, who created all things on earth, in heaven or under water, knows.

During my childhood in the things of Jehovah, I used to hear so many theories of what happens to people when they pass on.

A school of thought would suggest the dead immediately became ancestral spirits to watch over their former kith and kin.

Another theory would imply the deceased go to heaven.

Others would vehemently argue that the fallen would go straight to hell, depending on whether they were wicked or righteous when they were alive.

However, this True Gospel has since discovered, through scriptural research, that only Jehovah God knows what happens to us immediately we die.

Jehovah God has told us before – through His holy book, the Bible – that when a person dies, his life abruptly ends.

So when someone dies, his feelings and memories do not keep on living somewhere.

When humans die they cannot see, hear or think any more.

Ecclesiastes 9:5, 6 of the New International Version, supports the True Gospel I’m preaching here.

“For the living know that they will die, but the dead know nothing; they have no further reward, and even their name is forgotten. Their love, their hate and their jealousy have long since vanished; never again will they have a part in anything that happens under the sun.”

This is attestation that the dead cannot love or hate.

There is neither planning whatsoever nor knowledge and wisdom in the grave.

Psalm 146:4 of the Good News Translation backs this True Gospel.

This scripture reads, “When they (people) die, they return to the dust; on that day all their plans come to an end.”

Clearly, here we see the bible demonstrating and providing beyond doubt that the dead completely know nothing.

Psalm 115:17 of the New Living Translation declares: “The dead cannot sing praises to the LORD, for they have gone into the silence of the grave,” while the English Standard Version observes: “The dead do not praise the LORD, nor do any who go down into silence.”

Job 14:10-12 remarks: “But a man dies and is laid low; man breathes his last, and where is he? As waters fail from a lake and a river wastes away and dries up, so a man lies down and rises not again; till the heavens are no more he will not awake or be roused out of his sleep.”

However, this True Gospel has some good news for whosoever believes Jehovah God is the Lord, and as such must He alone be worshipped.

May I also make it clear that those who believe in Jehovah, when they finally die, their bodies go into the grave while the soul and spirit go straight to be with Jehovah God awaiting the body’s resurrection, when the deceased are joined together to be forever with the Creator of heaven and earth in eternal bliss.

According to Revelation 21:4 “He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.”

Brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, those who believe in this True Gospel, say amen!

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