CHIREDZI, (Lowveld Post)
PUPILS at Makambe Mission in Chikombedzi have expressed concern over lack of security at their school.

Ironically, the school, situated about 100km south of Chiredzi is considered one of the best educational institutions in the rural district and is run by a reputable church.

Chiredzi South Child MP Deborah Matshobani said pupils at the school were exposed to insecurity and possible abuse due to lack of proper boarding facilities.

She said there was no school matron or any responsible person to take care of students after lessons, particularly at the night.

She also revealed that apart from being overcrowded in their rooms, all the houses that are used as dormitories do not have secure window and doors.

She also said each room had an average of 15 students and these do have beds or bedding material, forcing students to bring their own to school.

Those who could not afford to do so, slept on the hard floor.

“We are living a risky bush boarding life at Makambe High School where we stay at school premises without even a security guard and matron,” said the Child MP at a dialogue held at a recent Great Limpopo Cultural Fair held at Boli Mhlanguleni.

“There is high probability of theft of our important gadgets as well as possible abuse or rape cases by strangers at night.”

Both Joseph Manyumbu, the Headmaster and the Roman Catholic Church which is the responsible authority could not be reached for comment.

The church took charge of the school from Chiredzi District Council in 2005.