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The Lowveld Post (www.lowveldpost.co.zw) is southern Zimbabwe’s premier online news source highlighting the vast opportunities across various industry sectors.

The online news publication focuses on such Agri-business in Hippo Valley, Triangle, Mkwasine and the rest of Chiredzi district while extending coverage to the entire of Masvingo province.

Lowveld Post is the undisputed centre of today’s farming, Agri-business, wildlife, environment, technology, arts, culture and sports news sources.
It is the market leader for reliable news source whereby specialised journalists and approved freelancers provide informative, educative and entertaining news information aimed at spearheading development, preserve local cultures and traditions while ensuring key drivers of economic growth, Agri-business, is given top priority.

The Lowveld Post is an economic enabler connecting this part of country with the entire Zimbabwean nation stretching from southern region.